WhatsApp Shares Data with Facebook

We knew that WhatsApp was acquired by the Social Media Giant “Facebook” in 2014. The recent changes of WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy says that WhatsApp Shares Data with Facebook.

WhatsApp will start sharing the Users private data to Facebook including the Phone numbers.

WhatsApp’s latest privacy policy which published on 25th August 2016, provides it permission to connect with the Facebook accounts to WhatsApp Acct for first time.

This feeds FB many data of the users and allowing the internet social media network to suggest user’s phone contact as Friends.

WhatsApp Shares Data with Facebook

The upshot to the extended deal or understanding or transparency in between the two big social network WhatsApp and Facebook is, as updated by WhatsApp, that it will now be more prepared to track essential client measurements and forestall spam messages on its stage.

It additionally would like to have the capacity to enhance the companion recommendation highlight on Facebook by joining its knowledge of the users telephone / mobile contacts with Facebook’s information of users.

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