What is Network Architecture refers ?.

Network Architecture will design by experienced Network Administrator or Network Manager and Network engineers. We will see here, What is Network Architecture refers. How to do network diagram or architecture for an organization.

Network Architecture refers an organization’s entire network formed by computers. We may derive as Network Architecture is a communication network. Those Network components are as physical components, configuration and data formats which are being used in a firm.

Network Architecture gives you an idea about entire setup of an organisation easily. The network architecture will be formed as a diagram. This network diagram provides a full view of a company or firm with all available resources.

What are the components of Network Architecture ?.

Hardware Components.

Communication Devices.

Internet, Intranet and Extract connections.

Networking Nodes.

Cabling details.

Network types and Network Topologies.

Physical Connections.

Wireless (WiFi) Connections.

Protocols details.

Software details (Addition).

What is the definition of Network Architecture ?.

It has been defined as logical diagram and structural diagram of a network. This architecture has full details of all mode of communications, data connectivity equipment, infrastructure and data transmission of a firm.

What are the Network topologies ?.

Bus (Line) Network.
Star Network.
Ring or Loop Network.
Mesh Network.

According to the environment the above topologies will be implemented. Those 4 topologies can be implemented as Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

Types of Network Architecture

The widely used Network Architecture types are.

1. Peer to Peer Network (P2P).

2. Client / Server Network.

1. Peer to Peer Network (P2P) :

Tasks will be allocated for all individual computers or members in the network of an organization.

2. All computers will treat as equal and no hierarchy in the network.

3. No servers avail to control the nodes.

4. All computers in the p2p network has an application running which helps to
communicate each computers.

5. Peer-to-Peer is just file sharing with low security.

6. Not much centralized devices in P2P network.

7. Napster is the very first Peer to Peer file share network and BitTorrent is the latest protocols.

8. If one or more computer fails, still the network will function.

9. Network quality depends on all individual computers.

2. Client / Server Network.

1. Client and Server Network is a centralized network.

2. We can have multiple clients controlled by a server.

3. Server delivers services and data to the clients.

4. Generally, Server is be the fastest computer in the network. It has huge HDD, Memory and services.

5. Print Server can be used in the Client / Server network for a client’s print request.

6. Server application or services can control all other clients easily.