How to Use WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome Browser

WhatsApp can be used in your Computer without installing or enabling Emulators. Yes. Google Chrome allows to use the most used WhatsApp program in the PC.Enabling WhatsApp Web Wrapper extension is the key which allows you to Use WhatsApp in your computer.

WhatsApp Web Wrapper:

– WhatsApp Wrapper allows / helps you to get notification on your computer’s desktop.
– Sending voice messages.
– WhatsApp Web Wrapper helps to talk to your contact list.
– You Can take snaps and videos using your PC’s webcam to Send through WhatsApp Web Wrapper.

Use WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome

How to Access WhatsApp Web from Chrome ?

Open Chrome Browser, install WhatsApp Web Wrapper program. Once installation is done, click on Add to Chrome. Now click on Add App. That’s it.

Once WhatsApp Web Wrapper installation is done, Go to Applications -> WhatsApp. Now a QR code will be appeared.

Now Open your WhatsApp program on your smartphone. click on Menu -> WhatsApp Web. Now scan the QR Code by using your device’s camera and then finish the task.

Once the synchronization is done, you are all set to talk to your WhatsApp contacts using your computer.