How to Purge Windows Update Cache Files

Increasing the size of Windows Installation files is a big head-ache. We need to Purge Windows Update Cache Files instantly. As the Windows Update Cache files always keep on increasing whenever a new installation happens. As the Windows Update Cache files are located in the root folder, hence the Windows update Cache files need to be deleted instantly.

The location of the Windows Update Cache files is C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download . Let’s see how to delete the Windows Update Cache files easily.

How to Delete the Windows Update Cache Files ?.

If you delete Windows update caches files, you will instantly get back your storage. Yes, deleting the Windows installation files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download is great idea to free up the root folder and this will make your computer speedy.

You may Purge Windows update cache files thorugh Windows maintenance as a routine task. Although, we have an option to delete windows installaton files manually.

How to Purge Windows Update Cache Manually ?.

1. Turn off ” Windows Update Service ” which stops background downloads immediately.

2. Open Command Prompt > type ” net stop wuauserv ” Command and enter.

3. Go to File Explorer > Go to View > Folder Options.

4. Select now Show hidden files, folder, and drives radio button. Now click Apply which enables the display of hidden files on your pc.

5. Now open C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and delete all the content of the Download folder.

6. Open Command Prompt (new one), now run ” net start wuauserv ” command to restart Windows update service.

How to Purge Windows Update Cache Files

How to Purge Windows Update Cache file Automatically ?.

Window helps to delete the windows update cache automatically by using a windows batch file. You can run this batch file to clear windows installation files instantly.

How to create a Batch file to Delete Windows installation files?.

Open a Notepad and copy and paste the below code:.

net stop wuauserv
CD %Windir%
CD SoftwareDistribution
DEL /F /S /Q Download
net start wuauserv

Click on File > Save As. Now you can save this batch file. Now you can click on Save as type drop down menu.

Select All Files and then rename the file as you wish. For an instance, you can name as saransaro_erasecache.bat file and Save.

Now select saransaro_erasecache.bat and right click it and click Run As Administrator.

This task will keep this batch file running continuously to delete all files in the Windows update cache folder.

These are the simple way to delete Windows Update Cache files. Hope this article ” How to purge windows update cache files” will definitely help you.