How To Change Primary Email Address on Facebook.

This guide shows you that how do you Change Primary Email Address on Facebook. When we create our Facebook account, we should provide an email address to receive further notifications from Facebook.

If you’re not using the email address that which you had given when you opened your Facebook, you can easily change the primary email address any time which you’re going to use now.

Let’s see how to Add, Remove or Change Your Primary Email ID in Facebook.

How To Change Primary Email Address on Facebook.

Login into your Facebook account. Now click on the triangle symbol which located at the right top. Now select Settings.

how to change primary email address on facebook

Now Click Account Settings under General. Click on Contact > Add another email address or mobile number.

Now You can enter your new email address in the “New Email Field” and then click on “Add“.

Now, Select this as your main email address and click on “Save Changes“.

PS: Make sure that you will click on the confirmation link sent from Facebook to your new email id. Until you open the confirmation email link from Facebook, you won’t login into Facebook using your new email address.

If you are having multiple email addresses associated with your account, the notification email will be received at the email id that which you have selected as your Primary email address on the General Account > Settings Page.