How To Clear Your Android Phone’s Memory easily ?

It’s true. Yes, You might have experienced many times that your Android Mobile device is very slow. There could many reasons there for your Android mobile phone’s slowness. This article helps you that how To Clear Your Android Phone’s Memory easily ?

Make a note that the Primary reason of your Android mobile phone’s slowness and hang is … RAM or Memory. One of the best way to increase your Android Phone’s performance is to Clear Your Android Phone’s Memory.

How To Clear Android Phone’s Memory easily ?

Clearing Your Memory will close all your opened applications and will restart / reset those apps.

1. Hold Your Mobile Phone’s Home Button.

2. Now wait for few secs. Now tap the Pie -chart icon which will appear.

3. Now go to RAM tab and select ” Clear Memory”.

How To Clear Your Android Phone's Memory easily

This is the best way and simple way to Clear Your Android Mobile RAM / Memory easily.