How to Activate Video Chat on WhatsApp

The top instant messenger WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature called “Video Chat”. WhatsApp users can now do video chat with the loved ones.

Great factor of WhatsApp Video Chat is ,it will support in low cost mobile devices. Moreover, it will support if you have a slow internet connection.

This guide shows you how to activate Video Chat on WhatsApp in your Android mobile device.

Activate Video Chat on WhatsApp

Activate Video Chat on WhatsApp

Your Android mobile device should have latest WhatsApp installed. Verify with the latest WhatsApp version through Google Play Store by clicking on Update to get or verify the latest WhatsApp version.

Make sure that your mobile has latest WhatsApp version installed. Now open WhatsApp and select the friend or anyone from your contacts list with whom you like to have WhatsApp video chat.

Now, you can click on the DIAL icon on the screen (green bar). You will get two options which are Voice call and Video call.

Now Click on ” Video Call ” to start WhatsApp Video Chat.

PS: Ensure that both you’re having latest WhatsApp installed on your devices.

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